Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cornucopia Updates!

From Jacqueline:
Our season has begun at Cornucopia. We are allowing anyone in Calgary to come Grow Your Own Food at 2297 17th Street SE (behind Colonel Walker School). More information can be found at www.calgarygardenpath.ca, or they can contact me personally.

Right now we have times set up for everyone to be in the garden together growing food. These are Saturdays and Sundays 9:30am-3:00pm. No previous experience is necessary, this is a 1/2 acre of land ready for planting by those interested in growing their own food. We focus on communal sharing of food, ideas, education, resources and land. Communal projects require people to take their own initiative in adding ideas, work and organization. This coming weekend will be the time to start planting and many hands make light work. I will be there this weekend if anyone has questions, but all that is needed is to show up!

Those of us already involved would love to see new faces and new ideas. Leadership is shared, like the food, we need people to show that working together does work!

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  1. Cornucopia is the centrepiece of community gardens in Calgary. What an amazing space and we are so fortunate to have such dedicated ppl involved!