Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Herald Article

I was really excited to see this article, about the need for more community gardens in Calgary. It's amazing to see so much interest develop so quickly.

I think that one of the things that needs focusing on is making these newly developing gardens socially sustainable- that is, we want to make sure that they become lasting hubs for community development and engagement. It would be fantastic to organize a group field trip to one of the gardens to give them a hand getting started.

Does anyone know anyone involved in these gardens? Could we make a trip out to one?


  1. One of the new gardens I am planning to have a plot in is the Cederbrae garden to be planted next to the Cederbrae Community Centre. They are planning to build May 15-17. If you are interested the coordinator is Leah Brown ( If you want to see the space they are organizing an Earth day event and the community centre this Saturday April 25th in the early afternoon. Here is a link to the City of Calgary's notice on where the other new gardens are.