Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Next Meetup: June 23rd

We've finally managed to book space for the second Calgary Urban Agriculture Meetup! It will be held on Monday June 23rd, at the Eau Claire Market Community Meeting Space from 7 till 9 pm. If you have trouble finding us, please ask at the info desk in the middle of the mall.

Information and updates will be presented about ongoing projects, and there will be an opportunity to present project ideas. This meetup is essentially an opportunity for Calgarians interested in urban agriculture to link up for information sharing and collaborations.

Projects this may include:
• Community Gardens
• Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
• Food Not Lawns
• Food Security
• Guerrilla Gardening
• 100 Mile Diet
• 100 Meter Diet
• Permaculture
• Pesticide-free
• Rooftop Gardens
• Urban Livestock
• Urban Wetlands
• etc.

For more information, we can be found on facebook.

Please bring information about projects, your enthusiasm, and a few friends!


  1. What time does this happen at? Can anyone attend? I just happened upon the blog, but this seems like something I might like to contribute to and learn from.

  2. Hi Jer, Thanks for the comment. I've changed the post so it has the time (7-9 pm.) Last time we had a pretty good turnout, about 40 people came. It's a little harder to tell what the numbers will be like this time, as we've posted in a bunch of places. It's looking quite good at this point. Come on down and check it out:)

  3. Hi there! Sorry I couldn't make it out last night...I guess I'm still just checking out the group's progress online instead of getting my hands dirty in the dirt. Looking forward to getting out to the next meeting!

  4. Thanks for your interest alla! We'll keep updating the site as things progress, I think I'll be posting about the meeting asap.

    Please feel free to post any ideas you have for the group (this applies to all) in your comments- I'd like to use this blog as a forum as well as a news site.

    And to anyone who may be interested in getting involved, but is a hermit like me, I'm always looking for good writers to put together articles for the site.