Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 23rd Meetup: News

Another successful Meetup completed- thanks to everyone who made it out! We're happy to have such continued interest. It will allow us to keep doing what we've intended with these meetups: to inform people about projects going on in their city (and especially their own communities) and encourage them to get involved in order to support urban agriculture in Calgary.

A great idea came out of this week's meeting- we're hoping to hold future meetings at local community gardens, so that we can have a short work period afterwards. This will allow us to support projects, get people directly involved, and get our hands dirty. Woo!

If you're involved in a community garden that would like to host one of our meetings, please feel free to contact me or Grant, by posting a comment here or on our facebook group.


  1. also...
    -Gael, Community Garden Coordinator for Horticulture Calgary distributed a map of established community garden and discussed some of the projects involved.
    -Discussion about the Calgary Food Policy Council

  2. There's a new community garden at a Calgary Housing location that needs help finishing up the garden planting for this season. The work to be done is to plant shrubs and native plants around the community garden, plant a small medicine wheel garden and make trellises for beans to climb up in the vegetable garden. We are looking to do the work July 7 to 12 sometime between 9 am and 4 pm.

    If you can help please email Gael at
    Thanks big time!
    Community Garden Resource Network

  3. At the June 23 meeting we talked about the kinds of activities that a Food Council carries out. Here's a link to information about what terrific stuff the City of Toronto's Food Council has accomplished:

    from Gael, Community Garden Resource Network