Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's happening in the off season?

It seems that things with CUA always start to slow down this time of year. It's always very appropriate, as the winter rolls in and we work a bit more, we seem to lose touch with the gardening community.

Veronika made an interesting comment on the google group recently. She expressed an interest in greenhouses, with the idea of extending the growing year. Here are her comments:

"I think we need to look at creating year round greenhouses in which we can grow mass veggies and fruits within the city. We should try and see if we can start looking for space and advocating for this within Calgary. Maybe even a muli-level green house, green space for families to come and help grow their food year round and just hang out in."

This seems like a really timely idea. I'd love to hear if there is more support for this within the community. I would be happy to start doing some research if there were more people wanting to get involved.


  1. Hi Rachel! I would definitely be interested in seeing this sort of project happen. Perhaps we could organize a meeting of like-minded folks to brainstorm how to get an initiative of this nature off the ground. Or, I suppose more accurately - on the ground :) My email is If you or anyone else are interested in discussing this further.

  2. I'd be interested in a community greenhouse!

  3. I would most definitely be interested in putting up some green houses. Hoop houses are a good alternative, and cheap to build.

    Rachel, this post is quite old. Did any thing come of it?

    my email is