Friday, September 11, 2009

Looks important

An email I just received from Kirti Bhadresa, via Tavis:
(I edited it down a bit for brevity.)

Hi everyone,

Some of you may know Kris Vestor of Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farm, and may already know about this event.  Kris is an amazing local farmer and individual who has been a strong advocate for local healthy food for a long time (among other things that he gets involved in as an activist). 

His farm was hit by a recent storm and most of his crops and buildings were destroyed.  Arusha, along with The Coup and Sunnyside Market, are putting together this fundraiser for Kris.  The bands are great - and it'll be a super fun night.  The event info is attached.

Also, Dave Robinson is looking for volunteers (so you'd get in for free)!  If you could volunteer, please email him at

And Tara may still be looking for donations for a silent auction.  Her email is if you have any items to donate.

See you there next Friday!  It'd be great if you could also pass the word around.
Kirti Bhadresa, Calgary Dollars Coordinator

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