Friday, December 12, 2008



The CFPC met yesterday to talk about plans for a 2011 Calgary campaign. This campaign will play off of goals in cities like London and Vancouver to have over 2000 community gardens in the city by said year. In the new year, the group will be continuing to grow, become more organized and start to promote itself- beginning with an article in the Herald. This is an exciting plan, and one I'll be keeping you informed about as it progresses.

2012 urban gardens in London by 2012

CUA Meetup!

Thursday the 18th will be our next Calgary Urban Agriculture meetup! We invite everyone out to share what they're involved with, projects they're working on, or just to come learn about what's happening around urban agriculture in Calgary.

Details on Facebook

Personal Research

In Vancouver, I've been beginning my research to design a microhome, with closed-loop food and waste processing systems, higher energy production than consumption and passive heating/ cooling. This is obviously a demanding project, one which will take me on many adventures over the course of the next2 years. Feel free to chat with me about the project, whether you are simply interested, have questions, or would like to share experience/ technical expertise. All interest is welcome!

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